Photos & Video from the September Poetry and Music Soirée in Mirvish Village

We had a small, intimate, friendly, supportive and warm Poetry and Music Soirée on Sat Sept 26th at Charlotte Hale and Associates Fine Art Gallery in Markham Village. Everyone was outstanding, the features, Waleed Abdulhamid, Milel BC, and all our open mics, Stedmond Pardy, Sean Mc Dermott, Bänoo Zan, Alexandra Innes and Jeff Cottrill - we happily filled the hours in a beautiful setting in a restored Victorian house with great acoustics among beautiful, mythical paintings and collages by Blair Drawson. Many thanks to all who came out for my first Soirée in Markham Village and especially to Charlotte Hale, whose gallery it is and who welcomed us into the exquisite space she has created.

For names and other info, please visit the Soirée album on Picasa.


Video of the entire Salon:

direct link: Sep 2105 Poetry and Music Soirée

1. Stedmond Pardy: 1:37
2. Sean McDermott: 5:17
3. Bänoo Zan: 13:49
4. Mikel BC (feature): 17:34
5. Waleed Abdulhamid (feature): 37:53
6. Alexandra Innes: 1:03:56
7. Jeff Cottrill: 1:05:42

Organized, hosted, videoed and edited by Brenda Clews.


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