Some paintings in WATER H20, a group art show by the Toronto ART Collective at Tantra Lounge & Bar

'Water Dance' and 'Spring Rain Garden God' are in WATER H2O, a group art show at Tantra Lounge, 1157 St Clair W (Dufferin and St Clair) for the month of August. The Opening Reception is tomorrow night, 7pm-11pm. I am performing 'Ink Ocean,' my poem on oil spills, ink, the way we compose our realities, during the early part of the Opening. I am grateful to John Oughton, who will accompany me and who composed the music for this poem with his electric guitar and magic box of sounds. Other poets will be reading and there will be two bands as well. Tantra Lounge and Bar offers a menu of Indian, Middle Eastern and Western dishes. It looks to be a fun evening. Over 20 artists are in the show. The Facebook Event Page is here:

The paintings are each 30" x 40", oil on canvas.

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