Work-in-progress, 2nd ink spray painting

W-I-P, painting-in-progess, begun at a life-drawing session at Bampot 11 Jan 2015, 20 min poses, no reference photo, model - Paris.  ©Brenda Clews, 20" x 16", graphite and permanent inks on 1.5" depth galley-sized canvas.

I may simply paint in the white figure so it looks like it does but is rendered in oil paint. Or darken the pencil only and leave it essentially as bare canvas. Who knows. There is a story, a narrative here. I am also reminded of the black and white figures in Fellini's Satyricon, though in this painting they are the same figure.

This painting constitutes my second attempt at spray-painting with ink. Despite parchment paper cutouts and masking medium, the spray obliterated most of the detail of the figure in black. I was disappointed at how it turned out, even the orange wasn't quite the colour I was originally thinking of, but it's ok. Yet it is a kind of striking painting in its own way and it is growing on me. Maybe it's done. Only time will tell.

Here is a little iPhone pic from early January that shows the canvas (upper right) with the original sketches. You can see why I was disappointed in what happened when I spray painted it on Thursday. Sometimes you just have to accept the direction a piece is taking and widen your inner horizons. Or sand the canvas gesso to re-use it.


No, I shall essentially leave it as is - except for painting in the white figure.

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