Life-drawing at Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School Reloaded in Toronto, Nov 7th

I've been absent for a bit ...not off having fun, but working on a videopoem that I had on my list for 6 or 7 months and which I finally finished because I wanted to submit it somewhere and had a dead-line. I pushed myself through a gruelling week and a half of 18hr a days and towards the end found myself out every single night at different poetry, dance and drawing events. Sleep was less than minimum (2-3 hrs a night, I was approaching break down). However, I got a complex poem written and edited, edited the video footage, did about 6 readings of the poem before getting one I could live with, and created the soundtrack for the background with a small cheap keyboard and GarageBand - and also I did subtitles. The videopoem is about 7.5min, and was a feat. I am happy with the result, though I don't hold out too much hope for its finding acceptance where I sent it (this is the norm for me - my first choice never says yes, but if I keep submitting, where it is accepted is always better for my work and me).  So I will be sending it elsewhere, whenever it comes back. Due to the requirements of previously unpublished works, I can't publish it or share it with you now.

I have been drawing, though. And today finally had some sun and time to do the arduous task of photographing. One set is ready....

Life-drawing at Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School Reloaded in Toronto, Nov 7, 2014. Model: Obskyura; theme: 'Over the top, pop star decadence. Excessive glamour. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll.' ©Brenda Clews, 18" x 24", graphite, Inktense black (and sometimes red or pink) blocks with a water brush pen on Strathmore 70lb archival drawing paper.


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