Ink Drawing #7 #InkTober

Ink Drawing #7. ©Brenda Clews. 10" x 7.5", FaberCastelli Pitt India ink pens, Moleskine notebook.

Yesterday's drawing with 'two women' added.

While there is a frivolous woman in a checkered hat (with perhaps a chandelier attached to her hat ribbon), the other woman fascinates me. She is the accidental woman who dominates. Her hair is slicked down black with a rhinestone barrette tucked in, there is a dot for an eye, a star earring, some feathers perhaps as the other earring, a shoulder (where my signature is) and her breast is the round circle at the base of the black irregular rectangle. The two black triangles at the bottom indicate she is wearing a slinky black dress.

We are in the world of magic.


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