Ink Drawing #5 #inktober

Ink Drawing #5. October 5, 2014. ©Brenda Clews. 9" x 12", Pentel brush pen, Lamy fountain pen with Noodler's brown ink and Prismacolor Nupastels on Fabriano 100% cotton cold-pressed 140lb watercolour paper.

Ink Drawing #5, pre-colour. 

Yesterday afternoon at Portobello, a monthly poetry and music event hosted by Linda Stitt, my throat began to feel scratchy. At the first break, I went home. Rested. Normally I would have gone to bed early but it was Nuit Blanche in Toronto and I had planned to video... and so out I went, dressed warmly for the cold evening, and did get a few minutes of video that I am very pleased with, did not manage to meet up with my niece, Tara, and her boyfriend, and called it a night around 10pm. On arriving home, my son and his girlfriend were outside and they visited until midnight or so. By then, my throat was starting to rage. Because the virus is settling in for a bout, I cancelled my afternoon at Bampot Bohemian Teahouse where there is life-drawing every Sunday. Fiddlesticks. I treated myself to salmon baked on a cedar board (very yummy). Then grumpily did a quick ink self-portrait. I actually don't mind this one - perhaps because it is not laboured over. I grabbed some NuPastels and added colour - one of the reasons I am ok with this self-portrait is that it is looser, more impressionistic. Working this way was a release and I am relieved to offer an #InkTober 5th of October drawing. Whew.


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