A Gourmet Poetry Salon: photos and videos

The September Gourmet Poetry Salon at Urban Gallery was a wonderful, warm, congenial and über talented afternoon. Many thanks to Sonia Di Placido and Heather Babcock, who featured, Angel Torres, who had two photo paintings in the show, The Art of Food, and who had a cameo spot, and our open mics, Stemond Pardy, Philip Cairns, Norman Allan, Heather Cadsby and Margaret Code. I also did an open mic spot sharing some prose poems on the theme of food.


Some of these photos are video snapshots and some are from my cell - not enough daylight for good photos... but a memento of a lovely afternoon.

A few of the videos (not everyone wanted theirs public, and the camera battery ran out of juice before the last two open mics, Heather and Norman, who said they didn't want video anyway).

Simply a brilliant poet, a beautiful, warm, kind and friendly woman, and an amazingly captivating reading, Sonia Elisabetta Di Placido featured at A Gourmet Poetry Salon and yes, food! Zuppolone, wine... Her stories and introductions to each of her poems are really interesting. She connects with the audience by sharing explanations, anecdotes, laughter and charm.

1:40 -Zuppolone - Italian Canadians at Table
6:06 -Wine Tasting, after Gertrude Stein's, 'Tender Buttons.' In WWR38
9:33 -Zuppolone - Exaltation in Cadmium Red
11:35 -Doe - WWR38 (Ryerson Journal)
12:16 -Camaraderie - WWR38
13:39 -This Bus Rides North - WWR38
14:39 -American Cliche - WWR38
16:09 -Cadmium Red - Exaltation in Cadmium Red
18:13 -Imaginings -Exaltation in Cadmium Red"

Angel Torres had a Cameo Spot.
An article I wrote on his Geishas in The Art of Food.

Brenda Clews on open mic. direcct link: http://youtu.be/BMZo3vJARcw

Margaret Code on open mic.



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