Sunday Life-Drawing at Bampot Bohemian Teahouse

Yesterday's life-drawing session at Bampot Bohemian Teahouse. We put the model on a table against a wall in the centre of the small room and perhaps I was a bit too close because I never felt I got a handle on drawing him. The brightly coloured one was the last pose of 45 min and yes, while I added those colours to the drawing during the session, I worked a bit more on the colour in my studio this morning. I think it is quite lurid. It is perhaps almost too much, un-viewable. I wrote the writing in it during the night last night (and in part refers obliquely to my conversation at break with the model who is a filmmaker about to begin production of his first film):

"A new country with new rules. Green figures hallucinate underwater, their mustard bodies. The Noir look, shadows and slats, but not the story. The story is interlaced in twelve sections, nestled within each other. When I open one sheaf, eleven others slide out. Crimson moon, stars of fog. Rain at midnight. Hunting for love in the orange harvest, disappearing into black, the lit cigarette, amber ashes. Blueberry brandy, the moon, streams of dream waters, gloss. You are impregnated with your shadow."

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