Sunday Life-Drawing at Bampot Bohemian Tea House in Toronto

Last Sunday afternoon's life drawing at Bampot Bohemian Tea House. I tried some black InkTense blocks with a water brush but didn't like the effect – it went on a bit too thick and I wasn't able to modulate areas of accentuation the way I can with water-soluble graphite. I also used an ink and water mixture in a brush and it did not work that well. Towards the end I returned to using my ArtGraf and the InkTense ink in little bits and that seemed to work. Overall, fighting a cold bug, I didn't feel up to going that afternoon but went anyway and wonder if that has an effect on drawing itself. The last time I went to a life drawing session when I really was too tired the drawings were so bad I threw every single one out.

I did finish the second one, the one in shadows in my studio - it was the model's favourite of mine and it is also my favourite (hence the large size) - and because the third one was too wet and I had to dry it for transport home, I re-added the ink later too (I like that one too). Otherwise, these are untouched. In a few of them, I did return to using the ArtGraf and used the permanent ink only in places, which worked better.

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