Self-Portrait, a photo of the last four Self-Portraits, and the new grungy mirror with my cat

Little sketches from June and August - looks like I didn't do any in July. To draw a self-portrait: 1) I don't have to go anywhere; 2) I will sit still for myself; and, 3) I don't have to pay anything. Maybe half an hour or an hour of time and they are good little practice pieces (if boring and somewhat irritating since they are selfies).

Self-Portrait, 6 August 2014, ©Brenda Clews, 15" x 11", mixed media on Pentalic 130lb archival paper.

I have been quite blocked, I guess. Last Friday night I went to Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School Burlesque life-drawing and none of my sketches worked; in fact, I left early. One was almost ready to share but when I got home I continued working on it and quite ruined whatever was there originally. The self-portrait sketch above was done because there is no way around a block - you have to go through it.

Self-Portraits, June and August 2014, ©Brenda Clews, 15" x 11", or 8.5" x 11", mixed media on Pentalic 130lb archival paper.

Me and my cat, Aria, in a grungy mirror I bought at a local store for too much but that has a frame and a decent hook and the mirror itself is good quality. This photo taken before I cleaned it. It is for the self-portraits and did kick-start the drawing I did above.

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