Self-Portrait (and it's not Sunday) in all its stages

Self-Portrait on Thursday evening, 14th August - photo taken in weak, pre-storm sunlight - ©Brenda Clews, 2014, 9" x 12". Permanent inks on Fabriano 100% cotton cold-pressed 140lb watercolour paper.

Below is a postage stamp strip of all the phases, including the close-ups.

Rather than attempting to sum up my posts and the comments they generated, if you are interested in discussions on the notion of self-portraits, 1) go here for the beginnings, 2) here for further along and 3) here for nearly finished (a photo taken at night before I re-added lines)

A moment of sun, and I dashed out to take a better pic for my blog... but a little friend took a liking to my painted nose. Self-Portrait with a Fly on the Nose. ::laughing:: Immortalized Fly


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