Digital Drawing at a poetry event

Art Bar last Tuesday night - I had my iPad Mini (which as soon as warranty ran out began to exhibit strange behaviours) and so sketched. Trying to learn how to use a rolls royce 'Wacom's Intuos Creative Stylus' and maybe it's the buttons on the side which your fingers keep hitting and which apparently do all sorts of 'undo' things, but I could hardly get it to do the lines I set it to do. I'd press and press and nothing and then suddenly a big huge line. What a frustrating experience. A pencil sketch would have been faster and easier. But I don't like to carry so many supplies. So I dug deep in my purse and found my Sensu Brush and Stylus and it worked perfectly and I sort of finished the sketch in the last few minutes of the reading. I'm not very happy with it -though there is a sort of cartoonish resemblance to Dagmar.

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