Sunday morning self-portrait

Sunday morning self-portrait. June 1, 2014 ©Brenda Clews. So far, I don't like this sketch. That may change: sometimes it doesn't. I thought a portion of the face might be interesting and so used an oval mirror and included the glasses lens so the eye is a bit over-sized. Probably I look a bit better than this - if one took a photo - but I want to be ruthless with myself. Still, while I wasn't into drawing this morning, I did manage something, and should keep this up since it is currently the only drawing I do and a few hours once a week is better than nothing. I hope to go to a drop-in life-drawing session next week. 11" x 8.5", Lamy fountain pen with Noodler's Black Ink, Pentalic 130lb archival paper.

I am still without a computer, so this was photographed with an iPhone and uploaded to a specific album in Picasa with an app I had to buy (Web Albums - A Picasa Photo viewer & etc by Pixite LLC), and then posted to my blog via my small iPad mini with another app I had to buy that would allow me to post from a Picasa album (Blogsy). It's sort of nuts, but Google only allows you to upload photos to G+ and  not to a Picasa album of your choice, and their Blogger app only gives you the option to upload directly from your device and not import from an album in Picasa. Justifying these small expenses since I now have a stream-lined portable system that fits easily in my purse to go anywhere, anytime.

NO idea how to re-size the images, though! Don't see an html option in Blogger. I'll try opening Blogger in a web page and see if I can do it that way - if they're smaller, you'll know it worked!

Well, that's not a lot of fun - you can add your photos from Picasa into your blog post in the Chrome app. Dang. So that was wasted money on Blogsy. But I did not find any way to upload from your device to a specific Picasa album - not even in Chrome - so the Pixite app is useful. I also found Puffin Web Browser which is even better since it can access Flash on the web - Steve Jobs had a thing about Flash and so all device iOS systems do without (though I still can't upload to a specific album through Puffin, so the Pixite one is good).

Later that evening I did another sketch in semi-darkness from an indistinct image of myself in my iPad Mini screen. A lot of it was done without looking at the paper. 

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