Dr Sketchy's Burlesque Drop-in Life-Drawing - June Session

Toronto now has a Dr Sketchy again. I went last Friday night. Burlesque life-drawing, short poses, at a bar in Kensington Market. The theme was quite gruesome - cannibalism - and gruesomely funny in its own way. The first model began with a burlesque strip and came out holding a silicone severed wrist and hand which she gnawed on as she twirled and pranced and shook her goods while removing her lingerie until she was splattered in 'blood' - something I didn't have time to draw in but other artists did. Other props were a huge fork and spoon. It was a ribald and fun evening. Every so often there was a 'challenge' - make a poster with a caption (I love you so much I could eat you up) - and then artists who want bring their drawings to the front and the audience chooses the winner by clapping harder. Prize was a free drink. Or we were to work on one drawing in groups of 2 or 3 - I forgot to photo ours. Prize was some t-shirts. And the final pose was the MC (in top hat, silver suit and lots of fake hair beard and stuff) with a burlesque dancer/model on his shoulders holding a knife - and a fabulous 'action figure' artist won the audience prize for his rendition, a photography book. Most of the folks work in the arts field and it's a wacky, friendly, fun life-drawing venue even if the poses are way too short for someone like me. The food is excellent and so is the beer on tap.

These are my drawings from the evening - beginning with the only one I've tinkered with since - and inked it in - it looks very Beardsley-like doesn't it? I am reminded of Beardsley's Salome series, sort of gruesome and in a 'theme genre' I guess.

They're done in pencil, conte and charcoal on 18" x 24" Strathmore med drawing paper.



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