'Clay Lady' (1:29min) is too risqué? Issue with YouTube's rules? Oh, my.

A figurative clay sculpture without any discernable 'details' is considered too risqué? YouTube wants to classify this videopoem as 'adult content'??? She might as well have been wearing a body stocking for all the detail there is. I seem to be running into a few problems with YouTube and mysterious 'violations' of their policies. Since when is figurative art considered porn? Am I supposed to clothe a fairly indistinct clay sculpture (in terms of details of anatomy and the forbidden parts - heck, she doesn't even have nipples) and that is mostly torso? I've been laughing all morning. They threatened to pull it from public viewing but it's still there, for now at least. Though they do appear to have frozen the view counts, something I have requested a review of.

direct link: Clay Lady - short time-lapse

A multi-media production, with subtitles. -- I did the sculpture at the Toronto School of Art. The background is part of my painting, 'Split Mask.' A section of my poem, 'Clay Lady,' is a voiceover with subtitles in the latter half of the video. I shot the video, turned it into .jpgs with SnapMotion, and edited it as stop motion. That's my voice, and I created the music with a cheap keyboard in GarageBand - a musical tone poem. Brenda Clews ©2014. http://brendaclews.com

Perhaps YouTube should offer a fig leaf cover-up in their video enhancement options for rogue artists like me so we can cover up the shame.

I guarantee that Clay Lady does not seek to incite or sell sex.

I refuse to categorize this multimedia art video as 'Adult Content.' And not only that, two more videopoems with similar footage are in production.



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