'Art-house style' video of Claudio Gaudio reading at my last Poetry Salon

direct link: Claudio Gaudio Reads at Urban Gallery

The video I took of Claudio Gaudio's reading at my Poetry Salon at Urban Gallery last Saturday. In the introduction I talk a bit about his novel, Texas, a book I really grokked.

What I did visually in the video is pretty wild, I guess. I mostly had two cameras running and left both images in the video. Yeah, 'art-house' stuff!

The changes in video effects are like visual piano notes that mark his natural breaks in the passages he read of the excerpt of his new novel-in-progress, 'I'll be,' with variations of the same visual piano notes throughout to help carry the viewer through a longish reading (of 15min).

It was quite fun to explore doubling, and the use of different textures, colours and lighting in the effects aligned with his 'breath pauses' - in particular, I was intrigued editing this way since I found his excerpt to be very much about 'subjectivities.' So the multiple angles and reflections worked visually as an accompaniment to the reading of the writing.

Also... the video is self-consciously an 'art-house style' with the accoutrements of videoing left in along with the videoed subject who is shown in multiple images - sort of like the thought processes of the narrator of 'I'll be' - the big philosophical ideas and that he likes yogurt, for instance - both the filmed and the filmer, or, in the writing, the thinking, witnessing mind and the experiencer of those moments.

I certainly hope the video works. I do love his philosophic, poetic writing. It's been an interesting challenge to work on this 'art video.' I hope you enjoy it as much I did his reading that afternoon and then working on a 'simulacra' of it.



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