We were rather a small bunch: Dance Jam Photos

Ah well, I tried, I did. Blog, website, Facebook event page -it was a free dance event- and only a few friends came, John Oughton and Jennifer Hosein, along with two musicians, Nik Beat and John Charles Daly. Josef Hochleitner came for a short while and kindly took photographs and then said he was going to Downtown Camera to burn a disc for me, which was extraordinarily generous. I thank all those who came out - despite our intimate numbers, it was a fun afternoon of dance and jokes, photographs and giggles.

Jenn and I at the dance jam 18 Jan 2014 at Urban Gallery. Thanks Nik for taking the photo! — Brenda Clews and Jennifer Hosein at Urban Gallery.

Allan Clews, my dear brother, wrote: "The man who saw meaning in the movement of a cup in the wind; the one who attended the opening of the show and claimed he was led there by the Dali Lama and the Queen just to see that picture because doing so would set in motion certain energies... would love this picture.

He said the little figure in the upper right was the Goblin King (referencing the movie The Labyrinth) and said Obama WAS the Goblin King and he was under orders from the Archangel Michael and is acting as the lawful chief policeman of the world.

However, when the man saw the painting he told me it said that the energy of the Mother was now going to make itself known as a direct balance and counterweight.

Here it looks like the Mother's energy forms a chalice that constrains the Goblin King in a balanced embrace."

Which kind of threw me. Many people have commented on this painting. I have a lot to say about it, but am very busy at the moment. The other photos, and they are quite silly, in the spirit of the afternoon, too.



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