Split Mask painting in-process

No idea if I'll get it finished by 9am Monday morning, in time for the pick-up of my paintings and the installation of my show at Urban Gallery, but I am working on a painting I've been thinking of doing for 4 months or so. There have been so many intervening crises that I was not able to get to it before New Year's Day. Floods, and family upheavals, and the power failure resulting from the ice storm (I had power and was refuge for family members along with an extra cat and a bunny) kept me busy and only staring at the empty canvas. I'm rushing through it now, no idea if I'll make it.

This is an iPhone pic, shot at night, not good quality, but posting gives it a reality I'm not feeling working away listening to a piano music channel (can't get into the wireless external hard drive with Glen Gould, which is who I would like to be listening to nonstop tonight). Never mind. Back to work.

I had begun a loose prosepoem called Split Mask last Summer, but it hasn't quite come together either. Still, the poem and the painting are part of the same creative process, the same concepts, just different vantages or mediums.

Later in the evening:

Here's the Opening Invitation, too, which I will no doubt be posting at least one more time. The show opens one week from now!



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