Review of my Poempaintings show at Urban Gallery

Many thanks to KJ Mullins for this beautiful review of my show and of the gorgeous Urban Gallery itself. This article appeared in her on-line Toronto newspaper, Her paper focuses on social issues and the arts - without the corporate and political agendas of the larger papers, she is able to write and publish articles on life as it is in this city.

Currently she is fundraising for her newspaper: "NEWZ4U.NET is ready to take the next step to become a valuable source of information for Toronto focusing on the arts and social issues like homelessness, the aging population, front line responders, mental illness and poverty. The goal is to give a voice to those who may not have access to media resources and to promote local initiatives that help residents of Toronto." So do make a donation if you can.

Urban Gallery features brilliant Brenda Clews exhibit

KJ Mullins-Toronto: One of Toronto’s newest galleries Urban Gallery is opening 2014 strong with its current showing of Brenda Clews’ recent painting collection. Clews vibrant work features paintings from 2011-2014. The latest painting, Spilt Mask, a haunting golden charcoal of the artist, masks and humanity was just completed on January 5.
Clews has been on the Toronto art scene for over two decades combining her talents of poetry, spoken expression and painting. Several of the paintings at Urban Gallery have her haunting prose etched into the canvases making it impossible not to return to the work over and over for a new view. Her Mezzotints is particularly alluring. Each piece of Clews current collection is a vivid display of colour and technique, with no two pieces alike.
Calvin Hambrook opened Urban Gallery in November 2012 and is already booked for the year, an impressive feat. His love of the arts and local new artists is behind Urban Gallery’s appearance on the scene. Featuring artists that are on the rise Urban Gallery has the exciting feel of expression, creative talent and true appreciation of the artists behind the work on the walls. The crisp, light filled space is the perfect setting for Toronto’s artists to have their work displayed.
For three decades Hambrook has been the go to caterer of Toronto with UrbanSource Catering. He is excited for the future with both the catering company and his first art gallery.
Prices range from $300 to$2,600. 

artist Brenda Clews
Urban Gallery

400 Queen Street East, Toronto
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 10 AM to 5 PM
Saturday 1 PM to 6 PM
Closed Sundays & Holidays

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