DANCE JAM @ Urban Gallery (Artist-in-Attendance day and this artist likes to dance!)

DANCE JAM this Sat afternoon, from 2-4pm, at Urban Gallery, where my POEMPAINTINGS show is currently!

Calvin Hambrook, the Manager at Urban Gallery, when we were working out the details of my show, said that in the warm months, May-Oct, a lot of people who are browsing in the area come into the gallery on Saturdays, but that it's very dead in the Winter months. So I immediately offered to do an Artist-in-Attendance/Artist-at-Work Saturday, which became an offer to do three - one every two weeks for the duration of my show. Only, when I considered them, I thought I really didn't want to sit around for two hours with no visitors, and so decided to offer something interesting on each of the Saturdays (Jan 18th, Feb 1st, and Feb 15th). I like to dance, so let's dance! I like to draw, so let's do a life drawing session! I am a poet, so let's do a poetry workshop (an hour writing, an hour sharing what you wrote or something you brought to get feedback on)!

So, this Saturday, if you are in Toronto, come for an afternoon of art and creative movement: let the poetry in your body dance you to live and CD movement meditation music!

The schedule is:

2-2:30pm - live music with John Charles Daly and Nik Beat (and maybe Willie Anicic and whoever else comes), then a break of an hour

2:30-3:30pm - a dance CD that I've made of tracks adhering to the 5RhythmsTM practice -flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical, stillness- taken from different CDs of Gabrielle Roth and The Mirrors (it was her work, and it's a healing moving meditation practice, don't worry, any kind of movement is good, a series of yoga poses, moving slowly and gently caring for your body, or dancing like a crazy coyote, all is permissible, no rules, you’ll love it)

3:30-5pm - live music (the Gallery is open to 5pm, and I doubt we’ll stop at 4pm)

No admission charge (maybe pass the hat for the musicians is all). Enjoy some hot apple cider gratis of Urban Gallery too!

Artist-in-Attendance: Brenda Clews
Sat Jan 18: 2-4pm

The paintings are for sale

Urban Gallery
400 Queen Street East
(between Parliament and River St on the north side)

I thought I'd make the Artist-in-Attendance afternoons fun! Here are the dates:

Sat Jan 18: 2-4pm - DANCE JAM
Sat Feb 1: 2-4pm - LIFE DRAWING
Sat Feb 15: 2-4pm - POETRY WORKSHOP

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