A Vampire Story for Halloween @ The Beautiful and the Damned

direct link: A Vampire Story.

Looks like this video received a 'naughty' rating. Delighted!! (And it ain't the outfit. lol)

One of my stories about a vampire, told on Halloween 2013 at The Beautiful and The Damned, a poetry event in Toronto, Canada, hosted this month by Lizzie Violet.

Many thanks to John Oughton (one of the features of the evening, terrific poetry on time, memory, Honest Ed's and many other surrealities) for kindly videoing my open mic.

Looks like I now have a 4th performance piece to add to my growing repertoire (of now 4 pieces, with their own rudimentary choreographies, costumes, mannerisms, the speech patterns of poetry and prose clusters) . :)

Also, this is the first time I have worn a corset in my life. Don't ask. It wasn't uncomfortable.

I did forgot one of the main punch lines, but we won't mention that. Sheesh.

The Beautiful and The Damned Halloween 2014 -photo of the hostess of ceremonies, Lizzie Violet (taken by moi).

The Beautiful and The Damned Halloween 2014 -photo of moi, with thanks to Lizzie Violet who posted it on Facebook.

The Beautiful and The Damned Halloween 2014 — with Lizzie Violet, Brenda Clews, Philip Cairns and Heather Babcock,  at The Central in Toronto. Photo posted by Lizzie in her Facebook album for the evening.

The Beautiful and The Damned — with an enmasked John Oughton reading at The Central. Photo in Lizzie's Facebook album of the night on Facebook.

 psst. from the video above).


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