Figure Sculpture Week 8 (11 photos)

Week 8, and I took in a Canon 60D with a 50mm lens (which made it easy to carry) to photograph the strangeness better. The images are sharper, and there is more bokeh going on in some of them.

The instructor enlarged and adjusted the head on my sculpture, which it needed, but in the process wiped out the face for the second time, making this is the third go at the face. It doesn't quite work, maybe next week will be a better session. Only 3 sessions to go - I'm sure I could work on it a year and still not be finished.

The chin is a bit too long - I was working from the front and trying to get that chin bone, which is smaller than an uncooked grain of rice, and ran out of time before I could move around the model to adjust the proportions of her profile. The photographs help me to see that adjusting her profile has got to be first next week. 

Shhh... hot lady (she is, but doesn't look so much like it in my sculpture). Somehow I have aged her quite a bit. Odd how that occurs, and how you consciously have to head back into a more youthful version.

Snapped in storage. Quite beautiful, huh. I will reveal all details on where, what and who when the session is over.


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