LyricalMyrical Festival this weekend!

Ok. 7-10 minute spot at the LyricalMyrical Festival tomorrow night, Aug 24th, slated for around 9pm, and I promised to bring people so .... ahem, yah! Check. Clip-on mic tested and working. I have a large black cloth to wear for the first short poem, and a gold prop I made this afternoon! I was glueing gold light down - well, not quite. But I am quite resourceful! you'll see (hope to convince someone or other to take video of it for you to see my antics) - and then, as requested, I'll be wearing the mask and that outfit in the photo below to perform my poem, 'A Floral Opera.' Timed at about 7.5 minutes tonight, but you think I can remember the lines. LOL. Already nervous! getting performance anxiety a good 24 hours ahead of schedule. Just joking! It'll be a fabulous evening! Tons of great readers - 33 poets with LyricalMyrical chapbooks over the whole weekend! A blast of a farewell to Q Space (382 College St, Toronto - the LyricalMyrical Festival will be the last event held there).

I did a phone in 'shout out' about it on Nik Beat's CIUT radio show, Howl, last Tuesday night from the park - the last 10-12 min of the show. The link is to the latest show, so listen before Wednesday if you have it in mind to listen.

Oh, and a link to my LyricalMyrical chapbook, 'the luminist poems,' published this year (there are only 5 copies left before we go into a 2nd print-run!). Come September I am going to try to do more promo for it, try, try, will, soon. Lol.


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