Drawing from TV Shows

Yeah, well, you know what show. I found too much realism creeping in, so left him raw and obscured her. There will be a turquoise sky and light grey under her and a poem or words written into this one.

Sketch (unfinished), 12" x 16", charcoal and pastels on Canson 98lb pastel paper, drawn while pausing the TV show, True Blood, for 10-15 min.

Orange is the New Black, Drawing #4, 2013, Brenda Clews, 12" x 16", charcoal and pastels on Canson 98lb pastel paper. I'm going to put this one out on the street.

Drawing from the TV continues, although it drives me a bit crazy so likely I'll try to resist it. Fiddling, not trying too hard. I like to do little not-too-look-alike sketches every week and now that I've pulled back on the simple sketches at poetry readings, I guess I'm looking for something else as easy. This drawing didn't take long, just a bit messy with the graphite, charcoal, pastels and ink (which is one thing you can do at home that you can't do at a cafe unless you want to carry a suitcase of art supplies). Lol! (I have re-sized it to a smaller size since I think that looks better - ie the line of shadow on her forehead is entirely made-up and doesn't even follow the curve of the head -more like something you'd do with a pair of scissors, shadow cut down the middle).



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