FCP X buggy as all get out

It's been a huge headache of a day - Final Cut Pro X has been crashing constantly, probably hundreds of times by now, as I've tried to finish editing the video. And it won't save a watchable version, either. Stalls at 28%. Because I am virtually finished this project, and don't want to lose my work, I haven't deleted FCP X and re-installed it. Not sure what the problem is, but it's been a futile frustrating day of watching the program repeatedly freeze and re-booting it. Currently I'm trying to export the video file through Compressor to a format YouTube can read and it's telling me 6 hrs and the time keeps going up! Video is messed. No idea what caused the problems when I've been saving drafts and uploading them to YouTube for nearly a week. At least there's HOWL tomorrow. Do come and cheer me up!

Howl, poetry, spoken word and music

Sunday 7:00pm until 10:00pm

Quattro Books at Q Space, 382 College St, Toronto

Media Personality Nik Beat hosts another Howl at Q Space. Featuring singe/rsongwriter Deanna Fae, He and She Clothing store owner and writer Lou Lou, visual artist and poet Brenda Clews(her art exhibit a is at the same location as Howl at Q Space) and poet Jacqueline Valencia! open mic sign up and no cover but pass the hat.


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