The Walking Dead is not 'about' gore

I wonder why people think the popularity of The Walking Dead is because people love gore? That is such a strange notion and entirely not the point of The Walking Dead. I think someone in the media, who hadn't watched the series, made the comment and it got spread and spread. Actually, we feel sorry for the zombies, they could be us, a pandemic virus, it's painful for the main characters, their personal losses, and what has to be done is repulsive, and no-one likes it. Where the main characters get their physical strength to keep going is remarkable, and then of course humans are fighting humans, which makes the tragedy worse. The acting is superb, the story is top notch, the whole scope of this series opens up much speculation on the human condition.

(No, she isn't a zombie, but she is called, Skinbones, and I drew her in my first Moleskine sketchbook maybe a year or so back, and she's the most appropriate image for this post.)

A little post on a social media site, but I like to keep tid bits here that I may further develop later on (those social sites make finding an old post virtually impossible, as most of you likely know).


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