A New Art Website!

Yesterday, in a matter of hours, I put up a new art website where you can most of my paintings and drawings. It was incredible how fast, easy and streamlined the process was.

I've called it Poem Paintings and Drawings:


Because I have a show coming up, I knew I had to create a more easily accessible site. After a short research, I decided to use Blogger. It seems an art website becomes obsolete in 4-5 years, mostly because whatever site I set up could not handle my burgeoning work, and also because art website styles change. My first art website was in 2004 with Sitebuilder, and it was a fine beginning. Then in 2008 I created over 3 weeks of 18 hour days an art site nearly from scratch with Google Sites, which you can access through the footer below, or the sidebar of my blog. I learnt a lot of html making that site.

The latest site was very easy in comparison to the previous two. I created a new blog, gave it a name, picked a black template, posted an 'events' post about my forthcoming chap book, the luminist poems, to be published by LyricalMyrical Press in May and a solo art show I will have at Q Space for the month of May, and then created a series of pages which I filled with my paintings and drawings.

Other than some fussy html with the post to make its page sand colour and text black, which Blogger kept closing off half way after the image, but I figured a way around the glitch, the whole thing was super easy with posting images from Picasa, and even a videopoem page with YouTube and Vimeo videos.

I also have an idea for how to create a banner for the site, which the new Blogger, or at least this template, doesn't support. I'll let you know if it works or not.

I suppose it gets easier the more sites you create.

My only frustration has been that I have not, so far, been able to redirect my domain name, brendaclews.com, to the new site. Though the domain name re-direct has been cancelled at Google Sites, and that site should revert back to the original Google Sites url, and cancelled the Sites re-direct at my Google Administration site, thus far the re-direct has not taken.



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