Poets Series: At HOWL's February event

...my *untouched* drawing.

I had put my art supplies away, when Liz ripped off her top and proceeded to spread blood over her belly, neck, chin, her hands covered, an organ, viscera in one hand, so out charcoal and red chalk and paper came, and I drew as fast as I could. You don't get a sense of Liz's physical beauty here (she's a knockout), but perhaps some of the strangeness and deep power of her unexpected performance.

(It is taking discipline to refrain from spending an hour or two working on this drawing but I have other work that isn't getting done. So far, other than the dozen photos shot in daylight to find one approximating the original and the photoshopping to get it closer to the real image, I have managed to leave the original sketch as is. This drawing is testing that resolve though and greatly.)

I don't take reference photos but here is Nik Beat's photo of the incredible, disturbing, powerful, vulnerable, deeply emotional performance last night at HOWL Q Space by Liz Worth, a very talented Toronto poet.



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