Ink Ocean

Posting Ink Ocean again, hosted at my own site, because while it exists on Jamendo, the player there does not seem to be working. Le sigh.

Still one of my favourite drawings. India ink on archival paper. I think it's 11" x 14".

The poem arose from the words that arose in the drawing.

It became an almost 10 minute poem on the Gulf oil spill, the ocean, love, the tides in us. 

At the time, I was doing a lot of experimenting with recording different readings of a poem and then layering them so it sounds like an echo but isn't. In this one I was trying for a 'main voice' - the public one; and a 'whispered voice' - the private one. When we make art, we make it with our private, fragile, sensitive whisperings, our delicate words, our delicate brushstrokes, but always mindful that it will also exist in the social world, so public, strong, spoken with clarity and confidence.

+P E Sharpe had some very interesting things to say about being a 'literary thinker' as the source of her art in some respect - which reminded me of this piece. So sharing....

She wrote this in a very interesting discussion ( that ensued from her Hangout Interview with +Brainard Carey , which you should watch -

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