Pride at The Keyhole Sessions

The Keystone Sessions in Toronto offers an erotic theatre for artists. The models and poses for the life drawing sessions are presented as a theatre, and are the result of a carefully planned and staged 'still pose' performances. It is held monthly in a bar. The music is amazing. The models are gorgeous. The bonds are beautifully knotted. Everything is composed, from the outfits to the poses to the lighting itself. While the sexuality expressed is not mine, I certainly appreciate drawing such interesting and beautiful women holding graceful and erotic moments in stillness.

From the Madame: "The Keyhole Sessions: the raciest arts community you'll ever experience."
The Keyhole Sessions are life-drawing with edge. With a hunger for the erotic, our community of artists gather for a few hours of debaucherous drawing on the second Tuesday of every month.

Hosted by The Madame, TKS is not for the faint of heart: our models come with attitude. Trussed up in rope and restraints, they’re here to have as much fun as the artists.

Most sessions will see our models exquisitely wrapped in shibari-inspired rope bondage. Keyhole Sessions Head Rigger, JP Robichaud, displays his talents by binding our models in sensual rope to add that extra flair to your drawings. For those unfamiliar with this art, look it up and then come to our class to witness this beautiful craft up close.

Divided into 3 Acts, you’ll see multiple models in varying degrees of undress and restraints, all to a soundtrack of some pretty sweet beats.
There are chairs for 60, and the women-only models obviously appeal to men, who are the majority, and I am happy to report that there was a good sprinkling of women artists too. :)

Currently the Keyhole Sessions is doing the 7 Deadly Sins, and May 8th's was Pride.

Because the streetcar was early, and I missed it, I got there a little later than planned. My seat was not very good and I only had a slit through which to view the models. Some of their limbs are made up, or I twisted this way and that to try to see the pose in its totality. They start out with one model and 3 minute poses - a lovely lady who is 6 months pregnant, then move onto two models with longer poses, and finish the evening with a 45 minute three model configuration. Always I am compelled to work on my drawings at home, strengthening the lines and usually adding colour.

Bloom at The Keyhole, 2012, 6" x 15", charcoal, India and acrylic inks on 90lb archival paper.

Harvest Moon, 2012, 17" x 14", mixed media on 90lb archival paper. I drew two poses of the same model on the same page, and she is holding a mirror in which she is reflected. Gazing upon the self. Selves who witness each other. The multiplicity of the self. I've called it Harvest Moon to celebrate the model's pregnancy of 6 months.

Women Through the Keyhole, 2012, 20" x 13", charcoal on 90lb archival paper, a digital effect applied.

Women Through the Keyhole - with Orchids, 2012, 24" x 18", charcoal on 90lb archival paper. I snapped this on my dining room table, not great lighting, but the orchids are sweet.

The Bonds are Unseen, 2012, 14" x 18", charcoal, colour pencils, ink on 90lb archival paper.

A slideshow of all of my Keyhole Sessions drawings so far.

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